Natural THUI

  • Popular Culture

  • Wednesday to Sunday
    3PM - 7PM

  • Buy 1, take 2


Natural THUI is a café where we use Sierra Nevada products. For each product that you buy, you are helping the farmers who work in our Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta. In addition to our sales, we invest 5% in Environmental Education.


Quesano is a company that distributes and commercializes gourmet artisanal cheeses.

Soul Food

Come try a different restaurant. A place where all flavours types and combinations will be a delight for your palate. An unforgettable gastronomic experience.

Casa Vrinda

We promote well-being and learning through different programs: vegan cuisine, yoga, Hindu dance, meditation and tours to eco-friendly villages. We seek to offer new alternatives for a better quality of life, taking the balance of the human being and his relationships as a basis.

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