TOP 9 Restaurants in Santa Marta

TOP 9 Restaurants in Santa Marta

masaya masaya 23 July, 2019 Popular Culture

Fancy a good meal out? Santa Marta is full of small restaurants of all sorts, perfect to please all of your crazy cravings after weeks of wild backpacking! We’ve sorted a list of the best food places to eat in town for everyone to find their happy place:


  1. Donde Chucho. Fancy tasty seafood? This restaurant serves the freshest fish dishes and the best ceviche in town. Don’t miss it!
  2. Entre Cuates. The best Mexican place in Santa Marta, where you’ll can enjoy burritos, tacos and homemade guac’ like no one’s watching.
  3. Soulfood. This small typical restaurant welcomes you with free tap water that is always appreciated in Santa Marta, followed by typical healthy dishes all made with fresh products.
  4. Ouzo. This restaurant might be the most famous of Santa Marta and you’ll quickly know why. Right on the Parque de los Novios, this mediterranean restaurant serves glorious Greek and Italian inspired dishes in a relaxed atmosphere. If you wish to upgrade, the Balcon de Ouzo right upstairs serves more gastronomic dishes keeping the same spirit.
  5. Lulo. This healthy café and restaurant is famous for its fresh juices and smoothies, but also for its typical dish: homemade arepas topped with anything you would dream of! Don’t miss their brunches!
  6. Di Vino. Considered as the best Italian restaurant in town, you might feel a bit astonished by the menu. Will it be pasta, pizza, meat or seafood this time?
  7. La Muzzeria. This Italian looking restaurant is obviously serving pizzas and pastas, but also some unique dishes of the area that you may see nowhere else… You won’t regret giving it a shot! 
  8. Ikaro Café. Relax and cool down in this café serving fresh juices, delicious hot drinks and healthy food in their green natural patio.
  9. Patio Querido. A luxuriant tropical garden and the best Colombian products are what you’ll find in Patio Querido. A place to enjoy a varied menu of home-made dishes and cocktails, local beers and French wines, in addition to live music, dj sets, pool, patio, rooftop and always a good service.


Wondering what to do after this amazing meal you just had? Time to head for the best bars and clubs of Santa Marta and keep the night going!

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