TOP 6 Restaurants in Bogotá

TOP 6 Restaurants in Bogotá

masaya masaya 23 July, 2019 Popular Culture

Credit: Sabor Latin America Taste

Bogota’s food scene is the best in Colombia, and will surely leave you satisfied. The most difficult is choosing where to eat… Hopefully our special selection will help you make up your mind:

  • Abasto: choose one of their three locations to try local specialities such as arepas and delicious international classics.
  • Masa: this bakery is serving deliciousness for any hour of the day! Breakfast, lunch or afternoon treat, their meals are all made of fresh ingredients and homemade pastries.
  • La Puerta Falsa: known as the oldest restaurant in town, La Puerta Falsa is the best place to try Bogota’s classics such as coffee and cheese or tamal at a reasonable price. Be sure to be early to catch a seat!

Credit: Sarepa

  • El Ciervo y el Oso: this restaurant offers two unique menus : one veggie and one with meat or fish and recreates Colombians favorites in an innovative way.
  • Misia: this famous restaurant is aiming to make everyone discover the heart of the Colombian culture thanks to typical coast cuisine, big dining rooms and wood stove kitchens.

Credit: Misia

  • El Chato: if you wish to play it fancier, head for El Chato, where you can experiment Colombian contemporary food in a unique way!

Full belly, almost happy… The only thing you miss is a few drinks or good cocktails to close the day perfectly! Find the perfect venue for you among our list of the best bars in Bogotá!

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