LEGAL NOTICE 1. – WEB HOLDER For the purposes of the provisions of Article 10.1 of the LSSICE, it is noted that the site www.masaya-experience.com  is owned by Masaya Colombia SAS, domiciled at Calle 12 # 43D-99, Medellin, Colombia. On the website, there is information related to Masaya Hostels, allowing the possibility of booking rooms and hire packages or other hotel services.   2. – TERMS OF USE & RESPONSABILITY 2.1. Access to this website is the sole responsibility of the users. The risks arising from their use are responsibility of the user, exclusively. 2.2. The information contained in this website is offered for the convenience of users. This information may contain inaccuracies, errors, omissions and / or mistakes, the owner does not guarantee the reliability, accuracy and / or safety of the contents. 2.3. The information contained on the website is current as of the last update. The owner reserves the right to make, at any time, changes, updates and / or deletions as may be necessary. 2.4. The website owner is not responsible for any damage that may result from interference, interruptions, computer viruses and / or disconnections in the operational functioning of this electronic system, neither of which can be caused by third parties through illegal interference in the system. 2.5. The user agrees to use the website and its services according to law, morals and good customs, refraining from using it for illicit purposes contrary to the provisions of these rules, or in any manner that may harm third or impede the normal use by other users. 2.6. Services collected and provided through the Web are designed for adults, users who take service through this website should be legally of age. Children would not be subject to any requests or collection of information of any kind. 2.7. The owner is not responsible for the contents, products and / or services that may be obtained through advertising or links to third party websites (links) through this website. The presence of links is for informational purposes only and does not imply any relationship between the owner and the owners of web pages that can be accessed through these links. 2.8. The content of this website is intended for personal use, so you may not copy, reproduce, distribute, communicate, publish, transfer, process, sell or use the content of this website for public or commercial purposes. 2.9. The holder may withdraw or suspend at any time without prior notice provision of services to users who have infringed the provisions of this document, or incurred in violation of the law, morality or public order. The exclusion of the user does not constitute a waiver of any legal action relevant to accountability.   3. – RIGHTS AND GROUNDS FOR EXCLUSION The owner reserves the right to exclude temporarily or permanently the users of this website are given if any of the following circumstances: • Failure of any of the General Conditions set out in this document. • Failure to comply with the law, morality and public order. In any case, the user exclusion constitute a waiver to perform the legal actions, and possible indemnity payments. 4.- CONTRACTUAL PROCEDURE For the purposes of Article 27 of the LSSICE, the contractual process conducted by www.masaya-experience.com is done through the following steps: • First Hostel choice, offer, package or other hotel services on the home page via the search parameters, and the dates of stay. • Second: Choosing the type of room, number of them, and number of guests. • Third: in external pages to www.masaya-experience.com : a selection of supplements and additional services can be made and will show on the final price. Here you should input personal data relating to the reserve, as well as the bank card used to guarantee the reservation and acceptance of general booking conditions. • Fourth: Formalizing the booking confirmation page sample. • Fifth: Sending email booking confirmation with details of the same. Upon reservation an electronic document will be generated and subsequently incorporated into its holder files. The user will always have full access to and knowledge of it by sending an email with the content at the end of the booking process. Once you have completed the booking, the customer is requested to review the content of it so as to  identify possible errors in data entry, in case of correction needed, the user can call the central reservations phone +57 (0) 1 747 18 48 or send an email to contabilidad@masaya-experience.com providing identifying details of the reservation. 5. – USE OF COOKIES After entering the main site linked pages may incorporate cookies to your computer. If users are not interested in it, your browser should be set to prevent the cookie acceptance on your system. 6. – APPLICABLE LEGISLATION The relationships between the web owner and the users will be subject to Colombian legislation.   GENERAL CONDITIONS OF SALE 1. – PREAMBLE Every Masaya hostel has its own internal regulations. When booking the guest commits to respect it while remaining in the establishment. Every behavior against the internal regulations, to the principles of morality or to public order can allow the hostel to ask the guest to leave the business premises without any compensation or any refund if any the payment has been already made. Masaya, its employees and contractors would not be held responsible for any accidents, losses, thefts or damages to guest ´s belongings. We recommend to take out travel insurance.   2. – BOOKING The client Selects the offered services on the website; and admits to acknowledge the nature, bound and the booking procedure available in the website. Likewise, He admits having requested and obtained the necessary or complementary information to book with perfect knowledge of the facts. When making the reservation the client should input his credit card information to proceed to charge the first night as guarantee. For group bookings, please contact the hostel directly. The client is the only responsible for the service selection and the adequacy of these to his needs, in this sense, it would not be possible to make MASAYA responsible for these reasons. It’s considered than when finishing the booking process the clients fully accepts its terms and conditions.   3. – PAYMENT METHODS In Masaya hostels payments in cash are accepted or credit/ debit card: MasterCard, Visa, and AMEX. Also bank transfers are accepted from, and only, from local accounts. 4. – CANCELLATION Bookings can be cancelled for free until 3 days before check in. Otherwise 100% of the booking will be charged. Bookings can be cancelled by Email or pone (see contact details) 5. – NO SHOW In the case of no show during check in day, the total amount of the booking will be charged. 6. – CHECK IN AND CHECK OUT Check-In: starting at 15:00 (3PM) Guests have the option to show up before check-in time to enjoy the public areas or leave their luggage when being able to enter his room. Check-Out: up until 11:00 AM Except for express provision according a different hour, guests have to leave the room before 11hs of the last booking day. If the guest doesn’t do it, another night will be charged.   7. – RATES Our prices might suffer changes in any moment without it being applied to already existent bookings, except for any legal taxes or regulations established by the competent authorities. 8. – ANIMALS Due to hygienical reasons, we do not accept animals at Masaya. 9. – CHILD PROTECTION POLICY Masaya is committed to the prevention of child and youth abuse. We fight, denounce every situation than can lead to sexual-commercial exploitation of girls, boys and adolescents in and out of our establishment. 10. – PERSONAL DATA PROTECTION Masaya Colombia SAS, identified with NIT 900451715-7 and located in Calle 12 # 43D-99, Medellin, Colombia, in compliance with law 1581 of 2012 of personal details protection and withhold of private entities and its reglamentary decree 1377 from 2013, informs employees, clients, contractors and any interested third party, that the society has personal detail protection and follows the special requirements for the protection of minors personal details( boys, girls and adolescents) preserving their protection, conservation and guaranteeing its secure and responsible use, ensuring the protection of the privacy right and personal detail protection and of every other information provided though other formats, forms and registers located in our establishment and website before and after the remaining in force of the decree and law, having the direct approval of the legal representative of the events on article 7 of law 1581 of 2012 y article 12 of reglamentary decree 1377 of 2013, so anyone can know, update, rectify the information contained in our databases and archives, aside from being able to exercise the constitutional rights that assists them as the granted in article 15 and 20 of the national constitution of 1991, especially those that could result sensitive, resulting from our business activity, from conventions and agreements contractually celebrated. The personal details that the society has are stored, protected and administrated in full compliance of the quoted law. With the objective of granting privacy and data security, this society will be subject to all the applicable provisions regarding data protection granted by the national government, on top of the treatment policies that this society has from the moment of collecting information, known previously by yourself, as well as the ones that might be added, modified, deleted or revoked the law and the society having previously notified that change. The treatment and usage given to employee ´s personal information are confined to the working scope and eventually will be shared with other societies or entities when being necessary to follow regulation in the labor regime. In the case of clients and suppliers, personal information will be used with the following purposes: 1. Maintain an efficient information transfer being it useful in contractual links in which the information holder is part of. 2. Comply with the obligations committed by Masaya with the holders of the information. 3. Inform any internal changes of any type that happen during the development of the contractual links with the information holder. 4. Evaluate the quality of the services offered by the information holder. 5. Do internal research about the information holder´s habits 6. Send through safe means the information in Colombia and to other countries where there are back-ups   in case of a contingency 7. Pass on offers of products and services that might be useful or adequate, in a personal capacity or through commercial alliances made by Masaya. 8. Pass on data that the national government and/or authorities require, in compliance with tax or accounting laws, in general, the purpose that law establishes. 9. In relation to the data collected from video recordings made inside or outside of Masaya Hostels, these will be used with people, personal property, and facilities safety purposes. And could be used as proof in any type of legal proceedings. It is reminded to any personal data holder, that when sensitive data is collected, the negative answer is mandatory and will be subject to your willingness and freedom to answer. The rights that every holder or legal representative of the holder has over its personal data could be exercised through verbal or written inquiry or demand, which will allow right to access, rectify, cancel and opposition regarding your personal data registered in our databases and archives. These rights could be exercised starting on the day of deliver of this legal notice, communicating it to email: marketing@masaya-experience.com or contacting our marketing coordination in Santa Marta, phone number: (+57) 314 748 66 97. Policies of personal data handling previously described will be in force starting April 1st 2015. Databases subject to handling will be in force while the society is remains or by that established by law.


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