The Masaya Experience

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The Masaya Experience

A hotel like hostel, a cultural center and a travel agency, Masaya offers a unique stay in authentic settings!

Benefit from exceptional comfort, cultural gatherings and tailored trips. Live the local experience with Masaya! 

What is the Masaya Concept?

It’s a structure offering accommodation, the promotion of local culture and trip organization, facilitating the integration of guests into the local population and amongst other travelers.
Our motto « The Local Experience », is the expression of this concept.

In between being a hostel, hotel and cultural center, Masaya is an open and convivial place where everybody belongs. Cultural exchanges are favored by the presence of permanent travelers from all over the world and locals, gathered around numerous different activities including live traditional music, local artist’s exhibitions, excursions with local guides, cultural exchange featuring dancing, games, language learning…etc.
In Masaya, you will discover the best of the country while taking advantage of a high quality & comfortable accommodation experience.


We are 3 youngsters bound by our common passions: travelling and discovering cultures. The idea of creating a different way of travelling was born from our encounter.

We think it’s crucial to share our experiences of « cultural immersion » with worldwide travellers. From this desire was born the Masaya concept and its mission: Make travellers live a traditional experience at the heart of touristic places, through comfortable and welcoming accommodation, provided by involved peers. 

In Masaya, you will discover the best of the country while taking advantage of a quality comfortable accommodation experience.

The + Masaya

A 3-star worth comfort, with a hostel atmosphere.

Located at the heart of the cultural, historical and touristic centers, in a preserved and classic setting.

The presence of the Colombian culture thanks to multiple events.

Unpublished travel plans to discover Colombia.



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