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Travel back in time! The colonial village of Barichara, full of stories and legends, is almost completely unspoiled by modern architecture. With typical white architecture, meandering, cobblestone streets, this spectacular village seems to have been forgotten by time.

In Barichara, probably the most beautiful village of Colombia, artists and craftsmen invite you into their workshops. The great diversity, the beauty of the surrounding countryside, perfect for horse-riding and hiking are other attractions that you cannot miss.

  • Day 1

    Day 1 Barichara

    Barichara, jewel of colonial art

    Morning arrival in the department of Santander and discovery of the town of Barichara, a jewel of colonial art in carved stone. Accompanied by our guide, we enjoy a historic, cultural and artistic journey through the "most beautiful village of Colombia": its churches, its central square, cobbled streets, quiet life ... Artisans open their workshops to us: carved stones, weaving with Fique (agave) thread, cigar manufacturing... To end the evening, let's go to the point of view of Suarez cannon!

    barichara masaya colombia
  • Day 2

    Day 2 Guane

    Guane, village out of time

    And what if today we decided to let us go beyond space and time? Following an ancient path, El Camino Real, we descend to the small town of Guane, where life seems to follow an ancient rhythm. Its bareque whitewashed houses, cobbled streets and small archaeological museum take us back in history and we let ourself travel throufh time. Return by bus to Barichara for lunch and free afternoon.

    guane barichara colombia
  • Day 3

    Day 3 Bucaramanga

    The Chicamocha Canyon

    Desayuno y salida en vehículo privado para Bucaramanga. Descubrimos uno de los magníficos paisajes de los Andes colombianos: el Cañón del Chicamocha, llamado así por el río que, con el tiempo, cavó profundamente su paso en el corazón de la cordillera. Pausa en el Parque de Chicamocha para poder disfrutar de la vista tomando el teleférico. Fin de la aventura en Bucaramanga. Breakfast and departure in private transport to Bucaramanga. We discover one of the magnificent landscapes of the Colombian Andes: the Chicamocha Canyon, named after the river that, over time, dug deep its bed in the heart of the cordillera. Pause at the Chicamocha Park to allow you to take the cable car. End of the adventure in Bucaramanga.

    Cañón de Chicamocha colombia
barichara colombia

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