Colombia Top Destinations for Solo Travelers

Colombia Top Destinations for Solo Travelers

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You are a solo traveler? You want to discover Colombia? You don’t know where to start nor which destination to choose? No worries, in this article we compiled the top destinations for you to plan this solo trip in Colombia.



This coastal Colombian city bordered by the Caribbean Sea, is the ideal place to kick back and relax before or after your visits to Palomino, Minca the Lost City (Ciudad Perdida) and the Tayrona National Park. If you feel more like going on adventures, throw yourself into the culture and celebrations so typical of this authentic stretch of the Caribbean coast. In the morning, sunbathe reading a good book in the typical colonial house of Masaya Hostels, in the historic centre. In the afternoon, get lost in the city, explore Santa Marta, and dive in the real Colombian culture. You will be surrounded by artisans and street vendors selling local food like fresh fruit juices, ceviches and the popular arepa y huevo (egg arepa). Take your time to soak up the sounds, colors and sensations of this historic colonial city because this is a magic you won’t find anywhere else. You are by yourself: step out of your comfort zone, ask a friendly local which spots they recommend and the best food for you to try. Have a look at our agenda of cultural events in Santa Marta to live the real local experience with Masaya Hostels.



Among the multitude of landscapes that you can find in Colombia, you can’t miss the famous deserts of La Guajira and La Tatacoa. A trip to La Guajira is a journey into the farthest reaches of Colombia, a mysterious land where the deep blue of the sea blends with the golden sand. The Wayuu ethnic group that has dominated these lands since ancient times has called this region Wijira which means “our land”. The people of this region will make you feel at home, to discover the stunning landscapes that make this place so magical. As for the Tatacoa desert, which is more of a dry tropical forest, it will be a unique experience to live magical moments on your own. On the one hand, you will explore the grey desert where you will find the “Los Hoyos” pool. On the other hand, you will tread the “Cuzco” labyrinth’s red soil, similar to a canyon… Before diving your head into a stars shower after dark. A solo trip in a desert is an unforgettable experience and the chance to admire amazing natural spectacles. So grab your backpack and explore a part of the world you’ll remember forever. Discover La Guajira with Masaya Travel for 4 days or 3 days.



The paramos are valuable ecosystems for the world since they are important natural water sources. In this ecosystem, you can find the “frailejón”, so characteristic of the Andean paramos as they are only found in low temperatures environments, where rains and fog abound. The paramos are a true jewel for the country, and in fact, it possesses 50% of the paramos in the world. Among them, you will find Saturbán (Santander), Chingaza (Cundinamarca), Oceta (Boyacá), la Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta (Magdalena) and finally Sumapaz (Cundinamarca), the biggest paramo in the world, that you can discover with Masaya Travel. The exploration of paramos is one of the most fascinating things to do. However, the paramos in Colombia and around the world are very fragile ecosystems that need to be protected. That’s why they are ideal places to go if you travel solo, even more if you are into ecotourism and trekking! 

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