7 Essential items to pack for La Ciudad Perdida trek

7 Essential items to pack for La Ciudad Perdida trek

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The Ciudad Perdida Trek is definitely a must-do when visiting Santa Marta region. We would like to share with you some tips so you can have an epic time there. You will be walking on the paths of Sierra Nevada for four days and you will have to carry your own bag the entire time, so you need to pack light. Here are what we recommend to take with you and what to wear:


  1. Shoes: this is the key! Hiking boots or sport sneakers will do. Don’t bring new shoes since you know, they fit kind of tight when you start wearing them (and you risk to damage them also). Pack the most comfortable shoes you have. Also, bring your flip flops because you will need to rest your feet at night. They’ll also be useful when you take “hot showers” at the camping sites (let us know how hot the water was when you get back, hehe…)


  1. Covers or plastic bags for your backpack and clothes: it is an essential item since in the Sierra, the weather changes drastically during the day. The sun might be shining and five minutes later, the rain will fall over your head. At the camping sites, there are hanging clothesline where you can (try to) dry your belongings, but humidity is important there. Girls, don’t even think about getting your hair straight, it wouldn’t last a minute!


  1. Raincoat: it rains in the Sierra, sometimes hard, some others just a little. At some point, people don’t care anymore and just walk under the rain. It’s refreshing but if you have a raincoat, bring it, you’ll certainly feel better.


  1. Clothing: if you can pack fast dry clothes (shirts and shorts), it’s better. At night, the temperature gets low, so bring a light pullover or a long sleeve shirt, a pair of leggings or long pants and don’t forget your socks. You will also make stops in natural pools so take your bathing suit with you.


  1. Personal care: call it how you want: bugs spray, mosquitoes’ repellent… those are things you need to pack first because our little fellow insects are everywhere. Don’t worry if you didn’t get the yellow vaccine, it is not necessary. There are a lot of mosquitoes but they don’t give the disease. Pack sunscreen, hygiene items, hand disinfectant and medicines if you take any.


  1. Other things that will be useful: travel towel, flashlight, camera, portable charger and cash (in case you would like to buy souvenirs).


  1. The last but not least: a hydration bladder, to reduce plastic usage and make it easier to drink. If you don’t have one, a 1-2 litres bottle can also do the job. Fill it full when you start the trek. You can refill at the camping sites.


Here it is, all ready for the trek, we hope you’ll live an incredible experience!

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