TOP 6 Restaurants in Quito

TOP 6 Restaurants in Quito

masaya masaya 23 July, 2019 Popular Culture

Ecuadorian cuisine is one of the best of the continent thanks to fabulous ingredients coming from the coast, the mountains or the Amazonia jungle. Would you like to stay local and classic, or to try fusion peruvian food in some of the best restaurants of the continent? Read our selection and pick your favorite!


  • Zazu: owned by a Peruvian chef, this modern and stylish restaurant serves sophisticate typical food. During lobster season, which is in August in Ecuador, lobster is the king of the menu and is cooked in many unique ways for you to enjoy it at another level!

Credit: Zazu

  • Casa Nostra: the best Italian restaurant in Quito is well-known not only for the goodness of its ingredients and its pizza and pastas, but also for the warmness of the staff. This place is the guarantee of a pleasant evening with excellent food.
  • Octava de Corpus: right in the historic center of Quito, this restaurant offers a unique experience in a artistic and vintage environment. The owner invites you into his life and will be happy to share with you his impressive wine collection!

Credit: Clave Turismo Ecuador

  • Lua: considered as one of the best restaurants of the country, Lua offers a Peruvian fusion cuisine, where the Italian and Chinese heritage of the chef is clearly present.
  • Ikala: this place is unmissable for brunch lovers! Their breakfast buffet is one of a kind in the capital, and their lunch and dinner menus are also to try to have a taste of local deliciousness.
  • Mercado Central: obviously, the best way to get to know Ecuadorian cuisine is to dive in the central market. Get lost in these three floors and its multiples stalls and try Quito’s typical seafood and soups at a very reasonable price.

Some cocktails or dance steps might be necessary after your food coma, so be prepared to head for Quito’s nightlife and the best bars in town!

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