TOP 5 Best bars in Quito

TOP 5 Best bars in Quito

masaya masaya 23 July, 2019 Without Category

After a long day exploring the city, a nice drink is always welcome. Would you prefer to drink it on a rooftop, listening to live music or dancing like crazy? Our short list may help you to make a choice:


  • Café Mosaico: take some height and climb on top of Parque Itchimbía to get to the Café Mosaico and enjoy some of the greatest views of Quito. Their in-house band will take you back to the last century with pop music from the 40s to the 90s.
  • Zinc Quito: this modern cocktail bar in la Floresta offers unique original cocktails in a chic and industrial atmosphere.

Credit: Zinc Quito

  • Vista Hermosa: choose between their two locations to enjoy an impressive Quito’s skyline, either from the historic center or from La Tola neighborhood. Their heated terrace and original cocktails will surely keep you warm for you to enjoy the view.

Credit: Vista Hermosa

  • Q Quito: very frequented by locals and tourists, this bar and restaurant offers an extensive drinks menu with the best martinis in town while playing music: it can be rock, electronic or deep-house. Worth giving it a try!
  • La Juliana: this famous bar is the place to go to listen to latin music, should it be more salsa or reggaeton played by local or visiting bands.


Pro-tip: not a bar, but a famous beverage you’ll have to try, especially after a night at one of the venues above… At Rosita’s, you can try a special drink which is supposed to cure hangovers… Made with 25 Andean herbs and fruits, it’s still the tastiest hangover cure to date!

And because food is always the best cure, head for our selection of restaurants in Quito and be ready to try one of the best food scene in South America!


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