Divino Café

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    8AM - 5PM

  • -10% on coffee bags


Place for coffee lovers in Colombia and visitors from all over the world. We guide the senses to learn to know and value good coffee. We belong to the third generation of coffee producers of our families. Tasters and baristas, 4 years ago we founded “Divino Café Especial”, starting as distributors of Café Especial de Origen, developing and counting through our experience of the production chain: planting of the coffee plant, harvesting, benefit, drying, roasting, and preparation of the best Colombian coffee.

Dame Tu Lengua

We are an organization born in 2012 in Bogotá with the purpose of promoting meeting and exchange spaces. Through languages and different artistic expressions, we invite people from diverse nationalities and social contexts to interact with other cultures, in order to promote positive socio-cultural transformations and expand their perceptions of life. Our team is formed […]

Casa Bogotá Graffiti

Casa Bogotá Graffiti is a gallery and cultural space created to support urban art and Colombian independent design.


Divergrama is a center of recreational, sports, business, children and family attractions on synthetic grass, with high quality and innovation in our services.

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