Barbershop Figaro

  • Wellness

  • Monday to Saturday / Sunday
    8:30AM- 8:30PM / 10AM - 6PM

  • 10% discount


The largest and most recognized barber chain in Colombia with 9 salons and 17 franchises.

Divino Café

Place for coffee lovers in Colombia and visitors from all over the world. We guide the senses to learn to know and value good coffee. We belong to the third generation of coffee producers of our families. Tasters and baristas, 4 years ago we founded “Divino Café Especial”, starting as distributors of Café Especial de […]

Origen Bistro

Colombian food restaurant, Bistro type, with an exclusive selection of native meats and dishes and a variety of wines and drinks.

Casa Bogotá Graffiti

Casa Bogotá Graffiti is a gallery and cultural space created to support urban art and Colombian independent design.

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