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Events & Cultural Activities

More than a simple hostel, Masaya is a cultural place: a place to gather and to share. .
Discover Santa Marta´s  gastronomy: « costeña »: Coconut rice, banana plantain… the African influence rhythms; the local dance styles… that numerous artists offer you every week to discover their culture and origins.



In January in Santa Marta

Feria Taurina Colombia

Feria Taurina

On the 2nd until the 6th of January is the « fiesta brava » in Cartagena de Indias. National and international toreros make an amazing show for everybody.

Fiesta del Sirenato del Mar

Fiesta del Sirenato del Mar

Is a nationally recognized festival thanks to the Tolu gastronomy. It’s strongly influenced by flavors of the Caribbean coast, by aboriginal influences and by flavors of African American culture. In January, in Tolú.

Fiestas del Guandú

Celebrations of Guandú : Throughout the all day, they celebrate a festival where they exhibit and offer all kinds of products made from Guandu grain products and on the evening they will choise the Queen of Guandú.

Hay Festival Cartagena

Literature, visual arts, cinema, music, geopolitics, journalism, the environment... all go together with dialogue and celebration. After nine years, during which we have become one of the most important literary events in the Hispanic world, Hay Festival

El Carnaval del Recuerdo

The « Carnival of Remembrance », the spanish version « El Carnaval del Recuerdo » is one of the most spectacular event, full of music and color, which brings the best of Caribbean culture, in an afternoon. In Baranoa, in January

Our cultural activities

Every day, free cultural activities and guaranteed 100% Colombian !

  • On Sunday
  • On Monday
  • On Tuesday
  • On Wednesday
  • On Thursday
  • On Friday
  • On Saturday

Our cultural activities

Our agenda

greet.Every day on our terrace, free cultural activities and guarantees 100% Caribbean !


Meat and guacamole tonight?

Saturday 07 PM

Free Cooking Class

Arepa, Empanadas o Platanos, you'll learn how to cook like a real Colombian

Monday 07 PM

Learn Salsa !

Dance Class at 8PM on the terrace (totally free!!!)

Tuesday 08 PM

Exceptional live music !

In Masaya at 9PM

Wednesday 09 PM

Cooking Class

Your colombian cooking is required on the terrace at 7PM !

Thursday 07 PM

Chiva party bus !

At 10:30PM from Masaya

Friday 10 PM

Salsa Class

Every Friday, move your body at 8PM !

Friday 08 PM

DJ, Live Music or Party

On Saturdays in Masaya, get ready !

Saturday 08 PM

Masaya Hostel Santa Marta
to follow our activities and the hostel life

Artists, Musicians... We lodge you for free !  In Masaya Hostels, we promote local and international artists. Musicians, singers, photographers, dancers are welcome to exchange their talents for a free night at Masaya Hostels! Contact us!
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Santa Marta

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