City Guide: Santa Marta

Santa Marta is slowly becoming more and more famous and is now, the favorite coastal destination among Colombians!
Ideally located between Tayrona Park's heavenly beaches and the magnificent mountains of Sierra Nevada, the most ancient Colombian city will conquer your heart. Visit the city center, where you can find colonial houses and homages to Simon Bolivar (who died in Santa Marta in 1830), dive away under Taganga's waters and admire the Caribbean under-water world. Finally, discover Mangrove's forest and Tayrona national park's beaches. At night, enjoy bars and restaurants in the ¨Parque de los Novios¨ and taste the best seafood in Colombia.


Masaya's recommended travel itinerary

Santa Marta in 3-4 days






Best beaches

We recommend in this order, these 4 paradises:

Tayrona beaches santa marta
Tayrona beaches
Playa Cristal
Playa Cristal
Playa Blanca santa marta
Playa Blanca
Ensenada de Chenge
Ensenada de Chenge

Practical Info

Buy a souvenir?

Santa Marca

Calle 17 n° 2 - 45, Local 2

You can buy a nice small souvenir and design it at Santa Marta ; right next to ¨la puerta¨, you will find the caps, sunglasses, mugs, belts, jewelry, handbags and many more stylish products ! 


If you are counting on going to the National Park or going to the ¨Ciudad Perdida¨, we recommend to get vaccinated for yellow fever. It is not mandatory but recommended.
Take with you some general medicines, sunscreen and repellent. In Minca or Tayrona Park, you will see quite a lot of mosquitoes!
When in Minca or Tayrona, do not drink tap water, always go for bottled water and avoid ice-cubes if you are not in a city.

Pharmacies & Clinic
It’s not difficult to find a pharmacy in Santa Marta. A well-endowed pharmacy can be found on Masaya ´s street, on the way down to the beach. A bit further, you can find one on the Parque Bolivar too.

Clínica El Prado
Comuna 2, Santa Marta, Magdalena
Here you have the address of a good clinic in Santa Marta, avoid public hospitals and if possible choose the ones in Bogotá.


Banks and money

You can easily find ATMs in cities. Some credit cards like American Express are not always accepted…

You can easily exchange your euros in :  Cambiamos S.A., Giramos S.A., Casa de Cambios Unidas S.A., Macrofinanciera S.A. y Titán Intercontinental,  among others. We recommend that you take out  a big amount of money, split it in small amounts and place them in different pockets. Always go out with the minimum funds necessary and leave your credit card at the hotel.


The city-center is safe during the day, and relatively calm at night, nevertheless avoid going out alone…
Never go out with a lot of money or showing off valuable items...leave your credit cards at the hotel



Terminal de Transportes
Adresse: Variante Gaira Matamoco
Tel. : +57 (5) 430-2040

Aeropuerto Simón Bolívar
Tel. : +57 (5)4320106

Tel.: 422 4545
Taxi Express: 431 3131
QAP: 433 3333

Santa Marta Tourist office

Monday to Friday : 8h-12h et 14h-18h
Address: Calle 17 con Carrera 4
Tel: (57 5) 438 2587

6am 6pm

Warm and humid, Santa Marta has an average temperature of  : 28°C
Santa Marta benefits from a constant sea-breeze coming from the Caribbean sea. However it gets « loca »  between the end of december and the end of january with winds reaching a speed of 50km and blowing everything in its way, not ideal for terrace nights.
Between september and october, even though it is nice and warm when the day begins, tropical showers literally flood Santa Marta.

Sunrise and Sunset: sunrise is always at 6hs, and sets at 18hs, it is without a doubt the most punctual among Colombians !

Popular activities in Colombia

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