City Guide: Bogotá

Like Colombia or the name given by its inhabitants « Locombia », Bogota is an emblematic city in Latin America: futurist architecture, cultural life,  intellectually rich and varied, its superb colonial churches and its sumptuous museums make Bogota one of the most fascinating metropolises of the world.


Masaya's recommended travel itinerary

Bogotá in 1-2 day(s):






Best Places to Go Out

We recommend in this order, these 4 spots:

Andres carne de res bogota
Andrés Carne de Res
Goce Pagano Bogota
Goce Pagano
Armando records bogota
Armando records
Baum bogota

Practical Info

Buy a souvenir

Galeria Artesanal de Bogota
Calle 16 # 5-60
Located downtown Bogotá, you’ll find a center for handcrafted, artisan goods and ceramics.

La Casona del Museo
Calle 16 # 5-24
1 minute away from the gold museum, you will find a handcraft-center where you can get jewelry and local jeweler’s works.
Check out the emeralds and the pre-colombian art replicas. If you want smaller souvenirs, you may be tempted by leather goods or bags.

Pasaje Rivas
Carrera 10 # Calle 10
Built in 1891, the Pasaje Rivas is a classic when it comes to craft commerce. Cheap and popular, you can find craft from all parts of the country: fabrics, ceramics, furniture, hammocks or key holders, there is something for everyone. Attention: avoid going after sunset.

Mercado de las Pulgas de Usaquén
In Usaquén every Sunday and holidays from 9h to 18h, a big flea market offers a plethora of antiques, characteristic accessories and items made from recycled materials. In a more or less modern style and a bohemian and bourgeois atmosphere, you will find unique objects, different than traditional souvenirs. If you go to Bogotá on a Sunday: we highly recommend stopping by!



Bogota is located 2800 meters high. This high up, almost 15% of the population suffers from altitude sickness or mountain sickness.

Some advice for your stay:
Have always in mind to :

  • Be economic on your energy
  • Walk slowly to ease your breathing
  • Avoid unnecessary physical efforts
  • Stay hydrated (3 to 4 L per day)
  • Eat well: have a soft first meal preferably without alcohol

In case of a headache, an aspirin can help, if signs persist, stop every effort and go see a doctor.

Pharmacies & Clinics
You can find pharmacies everywhere and easily in Colombia.
In case of an emergency, we recommend two hospitals, San Ignacio Hospital being more centrally located.

Carrera 7 N° 40-62
One of the best centers in Colombia, its big advantage: 80% of the specialists speak English.

Carrera 7 N° 117-15, Usaquén
It has specialists in all domains, this university-hospital will cost you 130,000$ for an emergency case.

Banks and money

We can easily find ATMS in cities. Some credit cards like American Express have a hard time being accepted…

You can easily change your Euros at: Cambiamos S.A., Giramos S.A., Casa de Cambios Unidas S.A., Macrofinanciera S.A. and Titán Intercontinental, among others. We recommend tourists exchange a large amount of money and divide it in small amounts hiding them in your things. Make sure you go out with only money for the day and without your credit card.

Travel Tips : Avoid withdrawing money at the Airport, the commissions charged are high. If you take a taxi ask the driver to stop at an ATM far away from the Airport. 


La Candelaria neighborhood is safe during the day, we recommend that you always have with you what is strictly necessary (a bit of money, a photocopy or an ID, and a camera if needed). Leave your credit cards, passports and valuables safe at the hostel.
Be even more cautious at night and if possible never walk alone….
If you are walking in crowded places or craft markets, pay attention to pickpocketers, they are highly skilled in these conditions.
Finally, wherever you are going take a taxi- we recommend you call from the hostel or restaurant/bar, etc. when you leave…


Terminal de Transporte de Bogotá (Bus)
Diagonal 23 No. 69 – 60
Tel. : + 57 (1) 4233630

Aeropuerto El Dorado
Calle 26 # 3B-9
Tel : +57 (1) 2662000


Taxis Libres : Tel.: + 57 (1) 211 11 11 ou + 57 (1) 311 11 11
Taxi Real: + 57 (1) 333 3333
Radio Taxi: + 57 (1) 288 8888
On Internet :

Tourist office Bogotá

Carrera 8 # 9-83
Tel: +57 (1) 336 5803

Located one road away from the Plaza Simon Bolivar, Bogotá's tourist office, will help you discover the city. You can ask for any kind of information there as well as a small map of the historic centers to go check out the monuments and museums of the capital.

6am 6pm

Located in the oriental Andes mountain chain, Bogotá differentiates for its high altitude at 2640m. The climate is mild and temperate and the temperatures are usually the same year round between 17° and 22° in the afternoon and from 9° to 13° at night.

Rains are abundant but seasonal. In Bogota there is no summer or winter, only a rainy season and a dry season. There are two periods of rain : one from late September to the end of December the other from April to June.

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